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 PV Ribbon Automatic L-shaped welding machine
Name£ºPV Ribbon Automatic Double overlap welding machine
This machine is specially designed for the development of the photovoltaic module lead bonding, in order to better solve the uneven weld surface and the welding head is not easy to clean when traditional welding , and many other shortcomings. After repeated experiments &exploration ,our company exclusively exploit the way of the hot air welding, which has the smooth, flat& firm solder side, no tin & icicles pointed, thoroughly solving the problem such as the cleaning trouble of the welding head. 
The electrical components of this machine are adopted the imported famous brand;Main control man-machine interface-Siemens PLC , pneumatic components -Air TAC, temperature control- omron, main welding temperature control parts heat gun by the custom of Japan's leading manufacturers to support better stability of the equipment.
Equipment can be compatible to use disk or with 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 spool package, which is with automatic despooling function to reduce the cutting of the old semi-automatic welding machine & finish packing the tedious manual operation.
1. Power Supply£º: AC220V 50/60 HZ 2 kw
2. Air pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8 Mpa
3. Air line connection: ¢10 mm
4. The welding way: Import custom hot air welding
5. The heating temperature: 600¡ã-650¡ã
6. The pressure value: 0.3 Mpa
7. Air volume: 15-25 L/min
8. The equipment capacity: 700-1000 PCS/H (double location welding number£¬which will be changeable with the different specifications of PV Ribbon , please refer to the actual measurement)
9. Number of strip processed: 2 PCS (double location independent operation)
10.The storing capacity: 6 pcs material circulation storage box
11. Product collection: mechanical claw positioning fetching
12.Processing material: PV Ribbon and tinned copper strip
13.Raw material packing:disc or spool package 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg
14. Feeding way: automatic feeding with the alarm when lack of material
15. Applicable width: 3.0-8.0 mm
16. Suitable thickness: 0.2- 0.6 mm
17. The forming Angle: 90 degree plus or minus 1 degree or less
  The thickness : PV Ribbon with superposition + 0.1 mm or less
18. Length:Long side: 280-650 mm
   Short side: 50-120 mm (change the mounting plate can up to 150 mm)
19. Short lead: 1. The lead of the short edge is straight (standard type)
             2. The end lead of the short edge cocks (optional)
21. The cutting precision: long and short side: + / - (L * 0.002 + 0.2) mm
22. Tolerance of lapping dislocation : long and short side: + / - 0.5 mm
23. The virtual welding rate: 0
24. The device size: W 1600mm* L 2300mm  * H 1900mm
25. The equipment weight: 700 kg
26. The welding pull strength of bus-bar with bus-bar ribbon:30 N is 6*0.35's welding pull strength ( other strength size will be changeable with the different specifications of PV Ribbon , please refer to the actual measurement)
27. The welding is smooth, firm, no burr, no heap of tin, no virtual welding, desoldering

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